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GOUT CURE 100% is ALL NATURAL and safe to take with no known side effects from any of the herbs used. All major credit cards accepted.
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We are now offering probiotics and vitamins specially catered to gout patients. You may scroll below to order.

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Gout Cure GC ®

90 Capsules per bottle. Take one capsule a day to keep the gout away! Prevent future attacks as well with this herbal supplement. Gout Cure GC is made with 100% Natural ingredients so it is safe and effective for curing gout.

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X 1 $22.95 each
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$22.00 each
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$21.00 each
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X 12
Save $3.7
per bottle
$19.25 each

Friendly Fighters ® Probiotics

120 mini capsules per bottle. The presence of friendly bacteria inside the stomach helps fight the buildup of Uric Acid. Together with proper diet and GoutCure GC, gout attacks will be gone in no time. Click here for more information on our probiotics.

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X 1 $29.95 each
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$28.50 each
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$27.50 each
Total: $82.50

Body Boost ® Mega Vitamins

90 Caplets per bottle. Nowadays, vitamin supplements are essential to boost one's health. Body Boost Mega Vitamins gives the vitamins that the body needs, minus Iron or Niacin, which can provoke gout attacks. Click here for more information on our vitamins.

Temporarily out of stock.

Health Supplement Packages

A combination of Gout Cure GC ®, Body Boost ® Mega Vitamins, and Friendly Fighters ® Probiotics - for your total health and savings.

Gout Starter Pack with Friendly Fighters
(includes 3 Bottles Gout Cure GC, 1 Bottle Friendly Fighters Probiotics)
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Credit Card Payments

X 1 $89.95
Save: $6
Gout Care 4 Pack + Friendly Fighters
(includes 4 Bottles Gout Cure GC, 1 Bottle Friendly Fighters Probiotics)

X 1 $112.95
Save: $5.95

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